Adventure Trekking & Rafting

The Mongolian Altais are known for their high snow-capped mountains, glaciers, ancient archeological sites, and the unique nomadic customs of the local people including Kazakhs and Tuvans. The Altais with their eternal snow, glaciers, and traces of ancient ice covers have been well preserved due to the constantly cold climate and strong winds. The area is inhabited by some endangered animals (such as the Argali sheep, Ibex, Snow Leopard, Rock Ptarmigan and Altai Snowcock) and plants (such as the Dwarf Siberian Pine and White Gentiana).  The Altais also contain Potanin, the largest glacier in the country.

DAY 1:  To Altai Tavanbogd National Park

  • Drive 180km over desert mountain landscape via the village of Ulaanhus
  • Explore ancient archaeological sites from the Bronze Age and the time of the Huns and the Turkic invasions
  • Visit Shiveet Khairkhan Mountain (“Sacred Mountain”), an area containing many wild mountain goats (ibex)
  • Meet local Tuvans who will provide us with horses and camels to support our trek
  • Sleep in tents

DAY 2: Tavanbogd Massif

  • Trek 16km towards the base camp of the snow-caped Tavanbogd Massif
  • Make camp next to the 20km long Potanin glacier
  • Tavanbogd means “the Holy Five” and it refers to the five giant mountain peaks in the area
  • Huiten Uul (4374m) is the largest followed by Nairamdal, Ulgii, Burged, and Malchin
  • Stunning setting with awe-inspiring snow-capped peaks and gorgeous views, especially during sunrise and sunset

DAY 3: Climb Malchin Uul

  • Spend an entire day hiking around Malchin Uul (4050m), the smallest of the five peaks
  • It will be a non-technical climb
  • Wonderful views of the all the peaks, the Potanin glacier, and sights into Russia and Kazakhstan

DAY 4: Back to Tsagaan Gol Valley

  • Trek back to the Tsagaan Gol Valley where local shamanism-practicing Tuvans spend the summer
  • Visit a Tuvan family and learn about their culture
  • Sample their dairy products, including vodka distilled from yak milk
  • Camp near the family

DAY 5: Hike to the Khara Airikh Valley

  • Hike to the Khara Airikh Valley via Shiveet Khairkhan Mountain
  • Stop to view large petroglyphs from the Iron and Bronze Ages
  • It may be possible to catch a glimpse of wild goats (ibex)

DAYS 6-7: Altai Mountains Crossing

  • Cross the Altais at an elevation of 3600m and enjoy a broad view across the mountains
  • Arrive at the scenic Bear Valley where melting glaciers feed fresh rivers
  • Views of forested hills and mountains along with wooded and alluvial meadows
  • Stay for two nights, including a day ride to the Chinese border

DAY 8: Green Lake

  • Trek down a valley with patches of larch forests to Green Lake
  • Reach the mouth of the Akshu Valley, where we will make camp
  • Meet back up with support vehicles

DAY 9:  Hoton Lake and Khovd River

  • Drive to the head of the Khovd River through Hoton and Hurgan Lake
  • Prepare rafts and other equipment for the following day

DAYS 10,11, &12: Rafting on a Khovd River

  • Raft as long as we want
  • Vehicles will follow us along the shore

DAY 13: Drive Back to Ulgii

Total: 3 Days of driving, 7 Days of riding, 3 Days of rafting.


If you are interested, Kobesh Travel can arrange to have an Ulaanbaatar-based guide meet you at the airport/train station upon your arrival in Mongolia.  The guide can help you navigate Ulaanbaatar, can travel with you to your accommodation, and can show you some of the city’s sights.  Furthermore, Kobesh Travel can also help you explore more of Mongolia than just the West.  We are more than happy to help extend your sightseeing of our beautiful country with additional journeys before or after your trip out West.


  • Includes: English-speaking guide, cook, land transportation, accommodations, camping equipment, three meals a day with snacks in between, pack animals, camel guides, and national park tickets
  • Excludes: Domestic flights, alcohol, discretionary horse/camel rides, and laundry