Eagle Hunting

Authentic eagle-hunting is only done during the winter months when the snow covers helps the birds spot fleeing prey – it also when the prey have thick winter coats that are used to make warm clothing.  After the first snow, the hunters ride out in search of game on horseback, wandering amidst the rugged landscape holding their eagles on their arms.  The hunters usually take young boys with them to help flush out the game.

As soon as an escaping fox or marmot is sighted, the hunter sends his eagle into the air in pursuit of the quarry.  The bird then sizes up the target before swooping down in one long but swift strike, falling right on the spine of the escaping animal.  The bird catches the prey with steel talons and waits for the hunter to finish the animal off.

While such hunting does result in wonderfully thick furs to make warm clothing, the hunt is not done for financial gain.  Hunters take great pride in having clever, quick, and valiant eagles.

During this traveling adventure, you will get to experience the thrill of the hunt alongside these Kazakh nomads and their magnificent golden eagles.  This journey will lead you far into the mountainous landscape of Bayan-Ulgii where you will witness firsthand a unique tradition that has survived for centuries in this remote corner of Central Asia, all while experiencing wonderful Kazakh hospitality.

DAY 1: Ulgii

  • Catch an early flight to Ulgii from Ulaanbaatar
  • Visit local outdoor market (bazaar) and museum
  • If arranged in advance, visit a local Tuvan shaman
  • Sample local restaurants for lunch and dinner
  • Stay in a nearby ger camp or hotel

DAYS 2-5: Hunting

  • Drive to the village of Altantsogts to stay with an eagle-hunter and his family
  • Go hunting everday, riding horseback along with the hunter as he explores the mountains in every direction in search of prey
  • Visit with Sailau, one of the most famous and experience eagle-hunters in the region
  • Sailau has been hunting for more than 25 years and now he focuses on passing the craft onto the next generation of hunters
  • He and his son were recently featured in the BBC television series “Human Planet”
  • You can watch a YouTube clip of the episode here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Y3Dl0BGFfw

DAY 6: Back to Ulgii

  • Drive back to Ulgii through the Khovd River Valley, making stops to investigate ancient deer stones and Turkic stone men (balbals)
  • Stay in ger camp outside of Ulgii and enjoy a traditional Kazakh concert and “beshbarmak,” the Kazakh national dish

DAY 7: Back to UB


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  • Includes: English-speaking guide, cook, land transportation, accommodations, camping equipment, three meals a day with snacks in between, pack animals, camel guides, and national park tickets
  • Excludes: Domestic flights, alcohol, discretionary horse/camel rides, and laundry