Exploring Archaeological Sights

DAY 1: Ulgii

  • Arrive in Ulgii
  • See sights around town (market, theater, museum, mosque, etc.)
  • Sample local restaurants for lunch and dinner
  • Stay in nearby ger camp

DAY 2: Eagle-Hunter’s Family

  • Drive to the village of Altantsogts (60km) and visit a famous eagle-hunter named Sailau and his family
  • Sailau is one of the most experienced and respected eagle-hunters in the region
  • He trains his sons and local young people to work with eagles
  • He and his son were featured in the recent BBC television special “Human Planet”
  • Lean about eagle-hunting practices and traditions
  • Enjoy Kazakh hospitality and sleep in a Kazakh ger

DAY 3: Khoid Tsenkheriin Agui ( (Northern Cave of Blue)

  • Drive via Khovd to Khoid Tsenkheriin Agui (Northern Cave of Blue) and stay in a ger camp
  • Nearby we can explore caves with some of the oldest known rock art in Central Asia
  • These unusual Neolithic paints of animals are unique and believed to be more than 15,000 years old! (www.whc.unesco.org/en/tentativelists/935/)

DAY 4: Ulaan Davaa Pass

  • Enjoy a scenic day drive to the Gol-Turgan Gol confluence
  • These gorgeous mountains are home to the endangered snow leopard, the argali sheep (world’s largest mountain sheep), and the Altai snow cock
  • Camp next to one of the biggest archaeological sights in the region

DAY 5: Shegirtay Hot Spring

  • Drive to Shegirtay Hot Springs
  • On the way stop to explore ancient Turkic stone men (balbals), deer stones, and petroglyphs
  • The spring is sacred to the local people who use it to treat different body ailments
  • Camp nearby

DAY 6: Tolbo Lake and Sagsai Gol

  • Drive to Sagsai Gol Valley via Tolbo Lake
  • Enjoy the beautiful scenery and colorful mountains
  • Excellent site for fishing and bird-watching
  • Camp in the colorful meadows

DAY 8: Baga Oigor Valley

  • Drive 120km (4-5 hours) west to Tavanbogd National Park through the village of Ulaanhus and Sogoog Valley
  • Stop to investigate ancient burial mounds dating back 4,000 years
  • Camp at the Sogoog River and explore nearby petroglyphs

DAY 9:  Sacred Shiveet Khairkhan Mountain

  • The best petroglyphs in the area can be found near Shiveet Khairkhan Mountain, which is a sacred site for locals
  • Bayan-Ulgii boasts over 10,000 petroglyphs, 150 balbals, 1,500 burial mounds, and 56 deer stones
  • There is also a large population of wild goats (ibex)
  • Tuvans maintain a large outdoor shrine (ovoo) used for shamanistic ceremonies
  • Sleep here for two nights

DAY 10: The Tsagaan Gol Valley and Visit Tuvan Families

  • Visit Tuvan nomadic family and learn about their culture
  • Sample dairy products, including vodka distilled from yak milk
  • If interested, you can ride a horse around the area
  • Explore local deer stones and balbals

DAY 11: Snake Valley

  • Drive to Snake Valley across beautiful mountain passes and through large ancient burial sights
  • Camp at a small mineral spring where there are numerous deer stones and balbals

DAY 12: Ulgii

  • Drive back to Ulgii, stopping to explore more burial sights and balbals along the way
  • Stay in a nearby ger camp and enjoy a traditional Kazakh concert in the evening

DAY 13: Return to UB


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