Golden Eagle Festival

Every October Kazakh eagle-hunters from all over Bayan-Ulgii gather in the heart of the Altais for a competition to test the speed, agility, accuracy, and training of their magnificent eagles.  It is a rare opportunity for visitors to get up-close and personal with such a wonderful Kazakh tradition.

DAY 1: Ulgii

  • Catch an early flight to Ulgii from Ulaanbaatar
  • Visit the local outdoor market (bazaar) and museum
  • If arranged in advance, visit a local Tuvan shaman
  • Sample local restaurants for lunch and dinner
  • Stay in a nearby ger camp

DAY 2: Visit an Eagle-Hunter

  • Drive to the village of Altantsogts (45km from Ulgii) to visit Sailau, one of the most experience eagle-hunters in the region
  • Sailau and his son were recently featured in the BBC television series “Human Planet”
  • Visit nearby Oni Mountain to view nesting place of wild eagles
  • Enjoy Kazakh hospitality and experience the nomadic lifestyle

DAY 3: More Time with Eagle-Hunters

  • Before attending the festival, watch as the hunters conduct final trainings with their eagles
  • They practice calling their eagles from vast distances to attack animal skins drug by horses

DAYS 4 & 5:  Go to Festival with Eagle-Hunters on Horseback

  • Side-by-side with eagle-hunters, ride to the festival on horseback
  • Mongolian horses may be small, but they are tough
  • The hunters may even spy a chance to catch a fox, rabbit, or wild cat
  • Enjoy a picnic lunch to enjoy the remote mountain country
  • Excellent photo opportunity to hold the birds for yourself
  • Camp in the village of Sagsai on the bank of the Khovd River

DAYS 6 & 7: Altai Golden Eagle Festival

  • Ride to the festival with the eagle-hunters
  • Approximately 50-60 eagle-hunters participate in the festival
  • Festival also features traditional Kazakh horse games including “bushkushi” (horseback tug-a-war using an animal skin), “horseback-kiss-a-woman,” and “pick-up coins from the ground on horseback”
  • The festival is full of vendors selling Kazakh tapestries, clothing, and embroideries
  • In the evening enjoy a traditional Kazakh concert

DAY 8: Back to UB


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