Photographing & Film Tours and Logistics


Discover an undiscovered destination – the Western Mongolia.

Home to nomadic eagle hunters, Western Mongolia is an exceptionally rewarding place to travel, but it’s also a place that demands care and experience in putting together an enjoyable trip.

Kobesh Travel has many years of experience providing our “fixing” service to film crews, photographers and travelers from all over the world. Fluent in English, Russian, Mongolian, Turkish and Kazakh the Kobesh Team’s clients include the BBC, NBC, National Geographic, and Discovery as well as solo and group tours. Images taken on location with our team have won numerous awards including:


We are experienced in production logistics with services that include:

  • Location, storyline and subject research
  • Talent sourcing
  • Translators, fixers, drivers
  • Transport and accommodation
  • Custom setups to suit all your photographic desires.


The nomadic culture of Western Mongolia offers a staggering array of photographic opportunities:

  • Venture into the incredible snow covered Altai Mountains.
  • Capture epic images of eagle hunting amid the grandeur of glaciers.
  • Discover the warmth and hospitality of remote Western Mongolia and photograph the nomadic lifestyle while living among them in traditional felt covered homes called gers.
  • Experience Mongolia’s traditional Naadam, Nauryz and Altai’s Golden Eagle Festivals.

We’ll get you up close to photograph the action during games such as bushkashi, wrestling, archery and horse or camel racing.


The Kobesh Team can provide a cost effective expedition tailored to suit your individual needs whether your focus is on photography, botany, history, archeology or just an adventure trekking in an epic and diverse landscape where few have gone before you.