Trekking in Southern Altai

The highest mountain in the southern Mongolian Altais is the Monkh Khairkhan, which at 4362m above sea level is the second highest mountain in Mongolia. The landscape is rough, barren, and wild, but there are also wide valleys with small forests, waterfalls, lakes, and flowered meadows. The highest point on the trek is a pass on the border of the provinces of Khovd and Altai at an altitude of 3400m.

DAY 1: Khoid Tsenkheriin Agui ( (Northern Cave of Blue)

  • Arrive in Khovd and drive 60km (about 2 hours) to Khoid Tsenkheriin Agui (“Northern Cave of Blue”) and camp
  • Nearby we can explore caves with some of the oldest known rock art in Central Asia
  • These Stone Age paintings of animals are unique and they are believed to be more than 15,000 years old

DAY 2: Ulaan Davaa Pass

  • Enjoy a scenic day’s drive to the Turgen Gol (“Speedy River”) confluence
  • These gorgeous mountains are home to the endangered snow leopard, argali sheep (the world’s largest mountain sheep), and ibex (wild mountain goats)
  • Meet horse and camel guides in the evening

DAY 3: Turgen Valley

  • Load the luggage on the camels and hike in the Turgen River Valley
  • Camp below the rugged, rocky mountains

DAY 4: Seruen Lake  (Joy Lake)

  • Hike up to Seruen Lake through a beautiful canyon with waters and trees
  • Camp near local Kazakh and Uriankhai families

DAY 5: Mini Naadam

  • Enjoy a full day experiencing a mini-Naadam festival (celebration of the “three manly sports) featuring archery, wrestling, and horse racing
  • Also enjoy watching some traditional Kazakh horse games including “bushkushi” (horseback tug-a-war using an animal skin), “horseback-kiss-a-woman,” and “pick-up coins from the ground on horseback”

DAYS 6 & 7: Green Lake

  • Spend two days in the wilderness trekking around Green Lake
  • Reach Hotgor Valley on the second day where the vehicles will be waiting for us

DAY 8: Drive Back to Khovd

  • Drive 210km (about 8 hours) through beautiful mountains back to Khovd

DAY 9: Depart for Urumshi or Ulaanbaatar


If you are interested, Kobesh Travel can arrange to have an Ulaanbaatar-based guide meet you at the airport/train station upon your arrival in Mongolia. The guide can help you navigate Ulaanbaatar, can travel with you to your accommodation, and can show you some of the city’s sights. Furthermore, Kobesh Travel can also help you explore more of Mongolia than just the West. We are more than happy to help extend your sightseeing of our beautiful country with additional journeys before or after your trip out West.

  • Includes: English-speaking guide, cook, land transportation, accommodations, camping equipment, three meals a day with snacks in between, pack animals, camel guides, and national park tickets
  • Excludes: Domestic flights, alcohol, discretionary horse/camel rides, and laundry