Uvs Exploration

Uvs is a northwestern province.  It is bordered to the north by Russia, the east by Zavkhan province, the south by Khovd province, and the west by Bayan-Ulgii province.  Uvs, which means grass in Mongolian, is a land of high desert and lakes, including Uvs Nuur, the largest lake in Mongolia.  The main attraction in Uvs, however, are the twin peaks of Kharkhiraa (4037m) and Turgen (3965m) Uuls.

DAY 1: Ulaangom and Tenuugiin Am

  • Fly to Ulaangom, the capital of Uvs
  • Catch the sights around town and visit the local museum
  • Drive to Tenuugiin Am, a valley in the Kharkhiraa mountain range where we will start our trekking without vehicle support
  • Meet camel and horse guides
  • Camp

DAY 2: Zuun Salaan Belchir

  • Pack luggage and camping gear onto camels and horses
  • Trek through the valley along the river to our camping spot, Zuun Salaan Belchir
  • We will cross rivers several times on horseback
  • Sleep in tents

DAY 3: Uliastai Pass

  • Continue our trek up to the mountain pass of Uliastai
  • From the top there are beautiful views of snow-capped mountains, a green valley, and a lake
  • Walk down the mountain and have a picnic lunch at Khukh Lake
  • Continue trekking through the valley to the next camping spot, Khujirt
  • We will cover roughly 25 kilometers in 7 hours
  • Sleep in tents

DAY 4: Gyalsah Pass

  • Trek through the valley and over Gyalsah Pass
  • Cross Delgermurun River
  • Again we will cover roughly 25 kilometers in 7 hours
  • Make camp near Turgen River
  • In evening you can receive Mongolian massages to relax your muscles

Day 5. Turgen Mountains

  • Excursion to one of the highest snow-capped peaks in the Turgen Mountains
  • Highlight of the trek is seeing the permanent glaciers
  • Trek back to campsite
  • Visit nomadic families and sample dairy products
  • 20 kilometers in 7 hours

DAY 6: Day Hike

  • Trek 20 kilometers in 6 hours among five lakes situated at an altitude of 3200m above sea level
  • Enjoy views of snow-capped mountains, mountain lakes, ice, and snow along with green grass and colorful wildflowers
  • Take time to relax and jot down your travel journals in the fresh air
  • Stay overnight in the same campsite from the previous day

DAY 7: Cross Kharkhira River and Trek to Olon Nuuriin Belchir

  • Longest day of trekking
  • Cross Kharkhira River and trek to Olon Nuuriin Belchir, a valley of numerous small lakes fed by rainwater and underground sources
  • Depending on the year, there can be as many of 80 different lakes
  • We will cover approximately 28 kilometers in 8 hours
  • Half of the route will go through sloping landscape since the flat areas are wet and muddy
  • Camp near Khiisen Khar

DAY 8: Ereesen Pass and Yamaat River

  • Cover 24 kilometers in 6 hours
  • Cross over Ereesen Pass and Yamaat River to reach our camping spot, Irvest Am
  • Irvest Am is a narrow valley near Yamaat Mountain, an area famous for is wild mountain goats (ibex)
  • Overnight in tent

DAY 9: Local Culture

  • A whole day of relaxing in a scenic area
  • If interested, field cook and local guides will giving cooking lessons on preparing Mongolian food
  • Cook the nomadic way using open fires fueled by animal dung
  • Dine on delightful Mongolian dishes prepared by you and your guides
  • Bonfire with singing and dancing
  • Overnight in tent

DAY 10: Yamaat River

  • Trek through mountain valley for 22 kilometers in 6 hours
  • Cross the Yamaat River on horse three times
  • On the way we will stop to see a rock painting and some ancient tombs
  • Cars will meet us at our campsite, Tel Mod
  • Overnight in tent

DAY 11: Back to Ulaangom

  • Say goodbye to local guides, camp assistants, and pack animals
  • Drive 240 kilometers in 8 hours to reach Ulaangom
  • Overnight in local hotel

DAY 12: Fly Back to Ulaanbaatar


If you are interested, Kobesh Travel can arrange to have an Ulaanbaatar-based guide meet you at the airport/train station upon your arrival in Mongolia. The guide can help you navigate Ulaanbaatar, can travel with you to your accommodation, and can show you some of the city’s sights. Furthermore, Kobesh Travel can also help you explore more of Mongolia than just the West. We are more than happy to help extend your sightseeing of our beautiful country with additional journeys before or after your trip out West.

  • Includes: English-speaking guide, cook, land transportation, accommodations, camping equipment, three meals a day with snacks in between, pack animals, camel guides, and national park tickets
  • Excludes: Domestic flights, alcohol, discretionary horse/camel rides, and laundry